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Today’s review is another offering from the folks at Breaking Glass Pictures, Wound, a film by David Blyth, who among other things helped direct episodes Mighty Morphin Power Rangers back in the day, which might explain a lot.

Wound follows the story of Susan (Kate O’Rourke), one really messed up chick who hasn’t been right in the head ever since her daddy raped her. After finally getting revenge on daddy (by the tried and true method of lopping off his penis and strangling him), she struggles to get through life, keep on her meds, dealing with the waves of crazy hallucinations, and seeing her shrink. Things take a turn when her long lost daughter (Te Kaea Beri) tracks her down and confronts her over the whole giving her up for adoption thing. Or so it seems.

As you can guess, this movie is a rolling mind fuck that weaves into the tapestry of a woman’s psychosis and nothing is what it really seems. Scratching the surface of it would give the plot away, and well, where’s the fun in that?

To be brutally honest, horror movies that delve into the mind of a psychotic individual are not usually my bag. Not because of the quality, but usually I can figure it out by the end of the film. The going path always seems to be pretty obvious, the only changes tending to be the window dressing. This movie has lots of window dressing. But window dressing for a movie like this, would probably look best decorating a madhouse. But that doesn’t negate the fact that after you watch enough movies like this, they tend to fall into the same trap of predictability.

Woman is mentally ill, was raped by her father, sees things, and is suddenly visited by the daughter of her and her fathers incestuous relationship. It pretty much writes itself.

Naturally, the film goes into the surreal aspects of psychotic hallucinations, and gives you a healthy dose of “what the fuck, that was messed up” moments. I have to say the scene where the main character poops in tinfoil and stores it in the freezer (Which is almost half way full with other such “packages”) is a stroke of genius in that it made me laugh for a few hours.

Unfortunately, not even pooping in tinfoil can save me from regarding the movie as much more than yet another girl-goes-over-the-edge type of plot that seems to be common place in the genre these days.  It does have a flair for the artistic, which is also probably why it escaped me a little.

That said, it is well written and entertaining none-the-less, which is a great mercy. I don’t know how many of these sorts of films I’ve fallen asleep trying to watch, so it’s nice to finally come across one that does not bore me to tears.

I have to say that Wound was not a bad film, it’s actually quite good, it’s just not my sort of thing. If you’re looking for something that speaks to your heavy reliance on anti-psychotic medication, then Wound is the film for you — just, be sure to remember to take your pills.

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